Putney escorts: no heels please

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I date a lot of Putney escorts on an outcall basis from http://cityofeve.com/putney-escorts. The services the girls provide are excellent, and they are really hot and sexy. Over the last few years since my wife and I split up, I have had some fantastic experiences with Putney hot babes, and I don’t regret one single minute of the time I have spent with my favorite Putney girls. They have always performed exactly the way I would want them to, and no task that I have set them has been too difficult to handle for my hot Putney girls.

However, there is one small problem that I just can’t get over. I am a very house proud man, and my home is just perfect. Like myself, nothing is out of place and I expect everything to be perfect even after my hot Putney escorts have been around to enjoy the pleasure of my company. But, the only problem I have is their stiletto heels. I really dislike that all escorts that I have dated here in Putney wear very high stiletto heels. They all mark and damage my carpets, and I have some very expensive carpets all over my home. I keep having to tell them to take their stilettos off, but a lot of the ladies are reluctant to do so. Why do escorts have to wear stilettos all the time? Mr Perfection

Dear Mr Perfection,

Thank you for your email. I can understand where you are coming from. Stilettos can mark carpets, and cause a lot of damage. Of course, most Putney escorts that I know are really keen on their stilettos and would perhaps be a bit reluctant to take them off. The thing is that, escorts and stilettos sort of go hand in hand. Traditionally, you will find that escorts have always worn stilettos and it is something that they seem to enjoy doing. However, I think that you have come up with the perfect solution, you ask the girls to take their stilettos off.

Personally, even though I am not working as an escort anymore, I still like to wear stilettos. We don’t have carpet in our home. Instead we have gone for wood flooring which keeps down the dust a little bit in our home. I also find that wood is a bit more hard wearing than carpet, so if you ever consider changing your flooring, you might want to opt for wood flooring instead.

I am, however, glad that you are able to enjoy the company of your Putney escorts. I know that most Putney escorts agencies offer an excellent service, and many gents say that they are enjoy their dating experiences. I notice that there are many hot and sexy blondes available in Putney, and on top of that many stunning brunettes date in Putney as well.

Despite the small annoyance of stilettos, I think that I would carry on dating hot and sexy Putney babes if I were you. It sounds like you have a good time together.

Dating in Surrey

I have just recently moved to Surrey, and instead of traveling up to London all the time, I would like to date Surrey escorts. In my past I have dated both London and North London girls so I do have previous experience of dating escorts. Mostly I prefer dating elite escorts like in , but I am not so sure there are any elite escorts agencies here in Surrey. I am looking for a much more refined experience, no just a tarty girl who come around for a quick outcall. I am sure that there are gents who date in the area, and it would be great with some advice. Stephen

good romance is what we can do here at surrey escorts
good romance is what we can do here at surrey escorts

Nick: Don’t worry, there are several elite Surrey escorts http://cityofeve.com/surrey-escorts and I am sure that you will be delighted when you meet the girls. As a matter of fact, many of the girls who date here in Surrey are former central London girls, so I know that you will not be disappointed. All of the escorts agencies that I use here in Surrey are of a very high standard. You will find a great selection of wild blondes, sexy brunettes and some stunning redheads. The redheads are a bit in short supply but they are certainly out there.

Brian: This is a great blog, isn’t it? I date around quite a bit and I don’t always use the same Surrey escorts agency. Many of the gents are fixed on one area and only date girls from a certain agency. I have found that variation is the key and I date lots of different escorts. To be fair to the girls I don’t really care if they are blonde, brunette or redheads – I love them all. All that I care about is that they are support hot vixens who like to show a good time in the right kind of way.

Alan: I have been dating Surrey escorts for the last five years and I think the service which the girls provide is super. Most of the time I use the outcall service on a Friday and Saturday night. Incalls are great but I like to chill out at home after my dates. All of the girls in the area are stunning but I think there is one agency in particular that stands out. The girls from this agency have never let me down and each and every date has been a unique experience. I am sure you will enjoy dating in Surrey.

Should you always date using the same escorts, or Surrey escorts agency? It could be a good idea to change between different agencies as most of the girls that date through the agencies are unique. You will find that every girl has her own idea of what a date should involve, and that is what makes it so special to most gents. However, there is a school of thought that says building up your regular girls is a good idea as well. You may for instance be into petites, and in that case it would be nice to have some regulars.