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Hola I am Holly, and I am a Christmas gift from Spain. My mom is an English lady but my dad is hot blooded Latino so perhaps it is from him I have inherited my personality. I have just recently joined a London escorts agency but so far I love working as part of a team of London escorts from

Being an escorts suits me down to the ground, I am so pleased I was able to find this job as part of London escorts. There are quite a few escorts agency around the UK but I wanted to work as part of London escorts as this is where my mom grew up. I just can’t help it but I feel really at home here with Londons escorts, and so far I just love it. One word of warning, despite having an English mom, I do speak English with a Spanish accent. To this young lady a kiss will always be a beso, and I would just love to meet you so I can introduce a few more Spanish words into your every day life.

Just like any other Latino lady, I can be a bit hot and spicy at times, but I am also a great planner. I love to plan hours of adult fun and relaxation for my dates, so please let me know what you like so I can get started. If you are a gent who has many fantasies that you like to fulfill, perhaps we can take it a step at a time. And please, don’t just arrange to spend one hour with me. I would like our first meeting to be very special, so I would appreciate if you could re-arrange your schedule for at least a couple of hours. I promise you it will be time well spent.

I have many different delights that I would like to share with you, and some of the ideas I have for you are a bit naughty. But hey, I am a Christmas girl so I can decide if we should be naughty or nice. I love being a bit naughty, and I think that every young lady should be allowed to be naughty at least once a day.

Naughtiness can be a really good thing. It can release all of that built up tension and frustration that so many of us experience in our lives these days. I am standing by to deal with your frustration and tension, would you like to help me to deal with mine? Releasing tension can be such an explosive experience, and it is one of those adventures in life that we need to share with somebody. Would you like to share with me, so that we can drift off into sweet dreams and fantasies together?

In my world I don’t always know what to expect but I love to know what unexpected delights and pleasures that you can introduce in my life. I am sitting here all alone in my apartment waiting for you to give me a call.