Safe Sex – Does It Really Matter

When does safe sex not matter? Safe sex should be a natural part of life. Ask yourself this, would you eat your dinner off dirty dishes? Of course, you would not eat dinner of dirty dishes as it would expose you to a whole world of germs and microbes your body may not be able to handle. The same thing with sex, every time you kiss somebody, you do in fact take your life in your hands. Having sex is even more dangerous, and you are exposed to even more germs.

Some girls I have met do rather have a sloppy attitudes to safe sex, and say that they would be willing to take a chance. That soon changes as they join London escorts. The girls who have worked for London escorts for a long time know how important safe sex is when you are out partying. It is okay to fancy a one night stand, but I would never get involved unless I had some sort of sexual protection with me. I pack condoms all of the time, and the same goes for my colleagues at London escorts. We know that many diseases and infections can be transmitted through sexual. But what about the ones we don’t know about? The Zika virus used to be one of those, but now we know that we can catch zika through sexual contact. With London being such a melting pot for people from allover the world, it is true that safe sex is important all of the time. A couple of the girls I used to work with at a north London escorts services picked up some sort of infection when they were on all day. They had forgotten to pack condoms which was used really silly. Mind you, I am sure most London escorts travel with condoms.

Sex education is important when it comes to having safe sex. Yet, I am not sure the message is getting through to your people. One of the girls who works on our London escorts reception, is really disappointed in her son’s sex education in school. She says that the teachers are not really delivering the right message, and working for London escorts, has made her really aware how important it is to get the message right.

When we talk to about sex to young people, we need to be positive about it, but make sure that they get the message at the same time. Most teachers are probably not comfortable about teaching kids about sex education, and I think we should have specialists. One of the girls I work with at our Londonescorts service, even thinks that teachers should show kids how to put condoms on, and how to take them off safely. Could London escorts help? Sending in a lot of gorgeous London escorts to teach kids about sex education may not be the best idea. I have this feeling the message will get slightly lost, and the teenage boys will giggle at the gorgeous girls instead.

Catching Gonorrhoea ruined my life

We are so silly when it comes to STD’s, or sexually transmitted diseases. It applies to all of those, but certainly to perhaps people in their 50’s or 60’s, says Alma who works for London escorts. I read a lot about the spread of certain sexually transmitted diseases in the papers. It seems that once we almost had certain diseases under control, but now they are making head way again. I know someone who caught gonorrhoea whilst on holiday in Cornwall of all the places in the world, and it just ruined his life. London escorts are aware of these disease, but I wonder if many people have forgotten about them.

In the last twenty years, AIDS and HIV have been very much in the forefront, and we appear to have forgotten about the other diseases. I can understand that in a way, but this way we are seeing more of them today. Sadly, a lot of people are reluctant to use condoms. I know some London escorts who have parents who have caught STD’s. They don’t worry about using condoms anymore because they can’t get pregnant, but the role of condoms is so much more versatile. All of us here at London escorts recognize they can stop spreading diseases.

The first thing I would pack if I was going a singles holiday, would be a packet of condoms. London escorts want to have some adult fun whilst on holiday, but at the same time they want to stay safe. I am not saying that everybody on singles holidays run off and have sex, but I think that a lot of people. All of the London escorts that I work with certainly pack condoms to keep themselves safe, and have some fun at the same time. It is the most sensible thing that you can do.

I often wonder about porn movies, says Alma. It would be so nice if Durex or another condom manufacturer could sponsor porn movies. I had lunch with some of the best escorts in London friends the other day, and we ended up talking about this problem. Why shouldn’t a company like Durex sponsor porn movies, After all, they do all of these rather sex adverts on TV. Most of the girls that I work with here at London escorts, thought it was a great idea and I hope Durex will take a look at the email that I sent them.

Kids at school need to learn about protection as well. London escorts who are moms, always make sure that their kids attend sex education class. It maybe a bit embarrassing for them but it is just one of those things that you need to go through in life. The problem for teacher is of course getting the kids to listen, I am sure it is the toughest part of the class. In London, many of the schools are so mixed that everybody have a different idea of sex education, and some parents do not send their kids. I don’t think that is right, it should be obligatory.